God designed us for relationships, so in this time of isolation we encourage online lifegroups as a way to  stay connected!

People form groups around what matters in their lives. This can look like connecting with people who share similar interests or are at the same stage in life as well as finding people who have experience in an area in which you want to grow. Lifegroups are also where we pray for each other and support each other.

I would like to join an Online Lifegroup
This will enable us as a primary contact method to inform you of any scheduled Online Lifegroup events and times, as well as information on how the Online Lifegroup will be conducted.
This enables us to carefully select your peer group.
This allows us to connect you with your Online Lifegroup through WhatsApp and as a secondary method to be in contact with you to make connect arrangements.
This allows us to carefully select the Online Lifegroup to more or less match your life stage.
Where are you from?