COVID-19 has changed the way that we “do church” and is bringing about a major shift in the culture but also the organizational structure of what we think church would be like. It forces us to change our habits and our culture to be more like the Acts church in the Bible where people did church in a different way. In the Bible, church was not a Sunday thing . It was a lifestyle of meeting with one another over meals at each other’s homes and together, share the Word, prayed for one another, praise and worshiped together and be more involved as family together.

The modern church as we know it today has stolen from us that sense of family where we live in each other’s homes and really take care of each other to a deeper level than what we know today. If we look at scripture – where did the church meet?

  • Acts 2:46              “house to house“
  • Acts 5:42              “house to house“
  • Acts 8:3                “house after house“
  • Acts 10:2               “Comedia’s house“
  • Acts 12:12              “Mary’s house“
  • Acts 16:32             “Jailer’s house“
  • Acts 16:40             “Lydia’s house“
  • Acts 18:7               “Titius Justus’ house“
  • Acts 20:20            “house to house“
  • Romans 16:5        “Prisca and Aquila’s house“
  • 1 Cor 16:19             “Prisca and Aquila’s house“
  • Col 4:15                 “Nympha’s house“
  • Philemon 1: 2       “Philemon’s house“

It is clear from scripture that the way that the church operated in the book of Acts – that, so by the way, proved to be very successful for the sake of the growth of the church – was that they didn’t do the “Sunday thing”. They regularly fellowship with each other in each other’s homes , where they ate together, fellowship together, prayed together, and supported each other as a family should. When things got tough, they were never alone. They knew where they could go for support, for fellowship, and for prayer. The book of Acts also tells us that no one was in need or in want – and that is because they operated as a family, supporting one another – by BEING WHERE THEY BELONG.

Is this what is missing in your life? Do you find yourself struggling alone? Do you crave heartfelt family fellowship at home? Then maybe it is time that we start doing fellowship God’s way. If we do this intentionally, we know that God will enter our homes and our lives and transform it with His life-giving power, meaningful relationships and hearty fellowship, because we’re obeying His Word. His way of doing things.

So now the decision is up to you. It depends on your preference whether you would like to go out and visit someone or whether you would like to get visited by someone.

  • If you would like to Go OUT and fellowship – click on this link so that we can connect you with someone in your area.
  • If you would like to Stay ­IN and fellowship – click on this link so that we can help you to be a blessing unto others through fellowship.